SQ8 Solution's Terms and Conditions

  1. All the necessary information must be provided by the homeowner/s or account holder. Any incomplete or wrongful information provided to Solar SQ8 Solutions may result in a delayed installation process.
  2. Any service work related to solar products depends on warranty provided by Solar SQ8 Solutions’ suppliers. Other than the standard installation warranty, Solar SQ8 Solutions does not provide any warranty other than that provided by the system’s manufacturer.
  3. Solar SQ8 Solutions will not be held liable for any damage to the solar power or hot water system caused by fire, flood, storms or other accidents and wildlife.
  4. Solar SQ8 Solutions does not give any guarantees regarding daily energy production by the solar system. The production varies for each installation depending on the weather, direction of roof, shades and other contributing factors.
  5. The install address must:
    1. Have clear, unhindered vehicle access for installers.
    2. Be an established home or building, not under construction and with wiring/power supply complying with current electrical standards.
    3. Have a suitable location for the inverter. If the desired location is exposed to the elements, a weatherproof cover may be required.

The Quotation

  1. If no “valid until” date is shown, the quotation is valid for 14 days only from the date the quotation is given.
  2. By accepting and signing a quotation with Solar SQ8 Solutions, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the Contract of Sale.
  3. Upon signing the quote, any changes to the quote thereafter will incur an administrative charge of $150. A new quote will be generated and sent to you for re-signing.

Payments and Finance Lending

  1. A deposit of 25% is applicable prior to any work being commenced, with the outstanding balance to be paid either before or on the day of installation.
  2. Solar SQ8 Solutions has contracted Certegy and Once for finance payment options.
  3. Finance approval is subject to lending criteria as outlined by Certegy or Once. Solar SQ8 Solutions will not be held responsible if the finance is not approved by Certegy or Once.
  4. Where the work is subject to finance, it shall be conditional that the finance be approved prior to work commencing.
  5. By opting to use Once or Certegy to finance their installation, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out by the lending agency.
  6. The customer will not receive their system warranty or owner’s manual until the full purchase price has been paid.
  7. Customers purchasing a branded system are additionally bound by the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.
  8. Cancellation of any order after the cooling off period will incur an administrative fee of $150. The fee/s charged by energy suppliers (if any) for approval of the solar system will not be refunded.
  9. If Solar SQ8 Solutions incurs any extra costs due to wrong or withheld information of any kind provided by the customer, the customer will be liable to pay the respective amount.
  10. The goods remain Solar SQ8 Solutions’ property until the purchase price is paid in full. Until then, the customer will be the custodian of the goods. The following points must be adhered to:
    1. You must keep the goods in your possession.
    2. You must keep them in good condition and protect them from any damage.
    3. The goods must be kept in a location appropriate to the nature of the goods, separately and marked so that the goods are clearly and easily identifiable as the Solar SQ8 Solutions’ property.
    4. If you change the location of the goods, Solar SQ8 Solutions must be informed immediately.
    5. You must under no condition sell, assign, change, pledge, lien or other encumbrance to be created in relation to the goods.
    6. If you sell any of the goods while they remain the property of Solar SQ8 Solutions, the proceeds from the sale are owed to Solar SQ8 Solutions and must be paid to Solar SQ8 Solutions immediately.
    7. If you do not pay Solar SQ8 Solutions the purchase price of the goods on the due date, Solar SQ8 Solutions may require you to return the goods back to them. The cost of delivering the goods back must be borne by the customer.
    8. A 48 hours’ notice will be given by Solar SQ8 Solutions for you to return the goods. You must allow Solar SQ8 Solutions to enter your premises to take possession of the goods at the specified date and time.

The Solar SQ8 Solutions' Guarantee

  1. Solar SQ8 Solutions’s guaranteed money saving solutions are based on information provided by the customer prior to system selection and installation. Solar SQ8 Solutions cannot be held accountable if the supplied information is incorrect.
  2. Solar SQ8 Solutions cannot be held accountable if severe weather abnormalities reduce or influence system performance and the Solar SQ8 Solutions guarantee is not met due to the severe weather conditions.
  3. If the customer’s circumstances happen to change after the installation of a system, Solar SQ8 Solutions cannot be held liable for changes in system performance or the amount of energy being consumed, nor can they be held accountable for the possibility of no longer meeting the Solar SQ8 Solutions guarantee.

Solar Hot Water Installations

  1. When Solar SQ8 Solutions conducts a solar to solar installation, it only includes reconnection of the electrical circuit to the hot water unit. If there are any issues with the existing electrical circuit, the customer will be billed for it separately.
  2. No responsibility is accepted by Solar SQ8 Solutions for any unforeseen additional work required including any costs or liability in relation to the replacement, repair or suitability of existing plumbing fittings, flue, piping, floor covering, wiring, roofing or any other household effect.
  3. The pricing given, and specified work is carried out on the basis that the customer covenants and warrants to us that the existing roofing, plumbing and wiring is in good order and condition and in a good state of repair, or not in accordance with the current requirements of gas, electric or water authorities, the customer acknowledges that we are under no responsibility whatsoever to repair or replace the same.
  4. The customer recognises that the specified work only involves Solar SQ8 Solutions in the installation of a water heater in the specified property and consequently we are not in any way liable for any damage by or to the water heater or to the property caused by defective, insufficient or out of repair roofing, plumbing or wiring.

Solar SQ8 Solutions Disclaimer

Any facts and figures mentioned on the website may be subject to change without notice.

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SQ8 the obvious choice…The synergy of critical thinking and advanced off grid-solar technology--A legacy for generations to come!

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off grid design is more important than ever. With access to real-time data, continuous innovation and motivation to not only solve your problems, but to contribute to a carbon neutral world underpins how SQ8 is the company you are looking for.

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SQ8 is the obvious choice due to its synergy of critical thinking and advanced off-grid solar technology.

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off-grid design is more important than ever. SQ8 creates market-leading solutions via our access to real-time data, continuous innovation, plus our commitment to engineering carbon neutral world, which is why we are the obvious service provider for yours and family’s energy needs.

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