What is the Lifespan of an SQ8 Off-Grid Solar System?

What is the Lifespan of an SQ8 Off-Grid Solar System?

Posted 9 Sep '22

How long can we expect the system to last?

That is among the most common questions I am asked! Let’s face it: An off-grid solar system, even at the lowest price point in the market, is still a substantial investment. 

One factor that affects the overall cost of an off-grid solar energy system is the durability and anticipated life of the system. Naturally, the longer your photovoltaic system lasts, the greater the return on your investment. So, the lifespan of your off-grid system comes down to a few considerations:

  1. Making sure you have the right system for your requirements. If you have an inadequate system that cannot handle your household’s workload, it will inevitably reduce its lifespan.
  2. Ensuring you have the right system for your environment (i.e., urban, hinterland, regional or coastal).
  3. How well you care for it and maintain it.

At SQ8, we offer a standard 25-year warranty on our range of solar panels, guaranteeing that their energy output will remain at 80 percent capacity (or greater) for 25 years. But what happens after the warranty expires? The SQ8 panels will still produce energy and they are unlikely to fail on their 25th anniversary—they will, of course, generate less energy over time. How much less? That will depend on how well you have looked after the system and the demands you place on it! Solar panels are extremely efficient over their lifespan, only losing less than 1% of their efficiency each year.

Of course, it isn’t all about the solar panels. You must also consider the lifespan of the other system components as well. For example, most inverters carry a 5 to 10-year warranty.

Pushing a system through heavy use all the time shortens the life of an inverter. Much like a vehicle, the lifespan is indicative of how hard you drive it, so it is important that the inverter is sized appropriately for the system to avoid over-driving it.

The same can be said for battery storage banks; both components are absolutely critical to operate an off-grid solar energy system. The life of your batteries is mostly driven by usage cycles and other factors, such as choosing the right type of solar batteries per usage, which will significantly increase their lifespan.

The application in which batteries are used largely dictates their lifespan as well. Heavy use and deep discharging continuously will shorten the life of your battery bank. That said, the latest batteries are made with solar charge controllers to prevent overcharging. This is one of the best practices to enhance the lifespan of off-grid solar batteries.

My overriding advice is that the life of your new SQ8 solar system is ultimately determined by how hard it is pushed, the operating environment of the system, and how well it is designed to meet the energy demands of your family. During the assessment process, we ensure all these factors are considered to ensure that the right system is installed for you and your family. 

For a more detailed explanation about how our systems can improve your family’s quality of life plus save you some major dollars, don’t hesitate to contact me today for a chat.

“If time is money, then invest it wisely with SQ8 Legacy off-grid solar solutions.”

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In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off grid design is more important than ever. With access to real-time data, continuous innovation and motivation to not only solve your problems, but to contribute to a carbon neutral world underpins how SQ8 is the company you are looking for.

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SQ8 is the obvious choice due to its synergy of critical thinking and advanced off-grid solar technology.

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off-grid design is more important than ever. SQ8 creates market-leading solutions via our access to real-time data, continuous innovation, plus our commitment to engineering carbon neutral world, which is why we are the obvious service provider for yours and family’s energy needs.

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