If my house is connected to the Grid, can I go Off-Grid?

If my house is connected to the Grid, can I go Off-Grid?

Posted 16 Sep '22

The short answer is ‘Yes!’

Living off the grid means that you will save a lot of money longer term by having your energy needs sourced by the environment. Of course, there are inevitable challenges upfront and some hard work to get everything up and running. However, many people across Australia have embraced a lifestyle off the grid, despite some initial planning.

There are a number of things you will need to do in your transition off the grid.

First, you will need to approach your local council for permission to make the required changes to your property to go off grid.

The next step is to identify your new, off-grid power source. The most popular choice to generate power when living off the grid is installing solar panels on the roof of your home, keeping in mind that you will require batteries to store this energy, which you will need to plan on the basis of determining how much energy each appliance in your home requires.

Solar is a highly viable way to power an off-grid home, especially in a country like Australia. Panels are getting cheaper and more efficient, and solar panels can still generate energy, even when there is little sun. There are often incentives to help cover the cost, and once installed, there is very little maintenance involved.

There are many hours of sunlight in Australia to produce enough energy to power your home using solar energy. That energy can be used because it’s generated or stored in batteries to provide power throughout the day and night.

Among the many advantages of using solar are that it is 100% inexhaustible energy, which is renewable and free, there are no toxic or polluting emissions into the air, it reduces the use of fossil fuels, plus it reduces the need to rely on the energy grid or natural gas.

Since solar has so many benefits for homeowners, installing it on your property will significantly increase the value of your home. Ultimately, the money that you spend on solar panels will be invested into your home because you will see a high return on investment from installing solar at your property. Also, once the solar system is paid off, you will still be saving money on your energy bills, which means you will make returns on your initial investment.

Among the many advantages of living off the grid include embracing a healthier lifestyle away from pollution, noise and the many stressors associated with an urban lifestyle. You will save a lot of money in the long run, because you will no longer need to pay utility bills, and also, you will inevitably become more conscious of your energy consumption and therefore more responsible for the environment.

Additionally, you will become more self-sufficient, as you live in a self-sustainable home at a time when we’re spending unprecedented amounts of time at home.

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In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off grid design is more important than ever. With access to real-time data, continuous innovation and motivation to not only solve your problems, but to contribute to a carbon neutral world underpins how SQ8 is the company you are looking for.

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SQ8 is the obvious choice due to its synergy of critical thinking and advanced off-grid solar technology.

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off-grid design is more important than ever. SQ8 creates market-leading solutions via our access to real-time data, continuous innovation, plus our commitment to engineering carbon neutral world, which is why we are the obvious service provider for yours and family’s energy needs.

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