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The measure of a great bespoke off-grid system is its synergy with your localised ecosystem to ensure that you safe as well as comfortable inside your home. SQ8 solutions are created around the needs of your family. We go into minute detail to ensure that the solutions we create for your home truly compliment your lifestyle. Among of the most important features of SQ8 systems is that they are all built on the foundation of environmental and economic sustainability.

As an off-grid solar solution, we embrace nature and discovery, creating high performance solutions for lives that are well lived—solutions that stand the test of time.

Sustainability isn’t a fad; it’s an expectation! If you think sustainable living is too costly, think again! We all want to leave a legacy that captures who were—a legacy that speaks to our contribution to our family and ecosystem. SQ8 legacy solutions are not just for the here and now—they’re for generations to come.

Let’s have a chat today about your family’s ecosystem and legacy!

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Why implement an SQ8 solution

Working from home? Retired? Home health care requirements?

We're all staying at home much more than ever before and using unprecedented amounts of power.

Having solar power stored, to use throughout the day, can be critical to your life, your family and your future.

It may be a case of wanting to become more energy independent, removing reliance on your local utility to provide power, and generate your own, clean electricity.

We provide a fully automated, monitored and controlled online solution, all from a press of a button. The benefit of modern off-grid systems for you are:

  • The quality of the power they produce; and
  • The quality of this power is often better than that of average off-grid electricity.

Compared with older off-grid systems, SQ8 off-grid solutions are easy to maintain and reliable.


Jock and the team at SQ8 Solutions are friendly, efficient and it was obvious they are skilled at what they do. The NRG team have also been easy to deal with, ensuring all my questions were answered. Jock is definitely one of the most friendliest and experienced Solar Installers we called. I Definitely recommend SQ8 Solutions.
Nathan Morieson Client
We moved a house from Brisbane to our peaceful rural block and decided to go off grid as Ergon wanted a huge sum to connect the power. Of all the trades involved to move the house, stump it, redo the roof, the plumbing, the electrical work, carpentry; the only people who supplied what they said they would supply and do what they said they would do was Jock and his team. Thanks to him we have power like being connected in Brisbane.
Johnson Shift Client
Jock and SQ8 Solutions provided a first class and highly professional service from start to finish. Jock came to see us, he listened to our needs and then designed a system that was cost effective and exactly what we needed. We were very happy because Jock and SQ8 Solutions proved by their actions that they do what they promise.
John Sage Client

SQ8 the obvious choice…The synergy of critical thinking and advanced off grid-solar technology--A legacy for generations to come!

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off grid design is more important than ever. With access to real-time data, continuous innovation and motivation to not only solve your problems, but to contribute to a carbon neutral world underpins how SQ8 is the company you are looking for.

Our company

SQ8 is the obvious choice due to its synergy of critical thinking and advanced off-grid solar technology.

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off-grid design is more important than ever. SQ8 creates market-leading solutions via our access to real-time data, continuous innovation, plus our commitment to engineering carbon neutral world, which is why we are the obvious service provider for yours and family’s energy needs.

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