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Solid Thinking- New Technology

SQ8’s market-leading solutions are achieved by combining the latest technology with long-term thinking to design turn-key, modular, and renewable energy storage solutions. Our designs are innovative and built specifically for your specific  whether for your home or your business, traversing economy of space and energy efficiency.


A Legacy For Generations To Come!

I am sure we have all at some stage wondered: ‘Why is a legacy so important?’ Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: ‘The purpose of life is not to be happy; it is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well’.

My family’s legacy is the core of SQ8 Solutions—a legacy that has a proven track record of both impact and influence. It is a legacy that we wish to share with you and your family.

SQ8 Solutions’ legacy was born more than 130 years ago. Four generations of the Barton family have carried out our legacy to positively impact and contribute to the lives of Queenslanders, and of course, nurture and protect our precious Queensland ecosystem.

As the custodian of the Barton legacy, it is my intention to share this legacy with you so that it not only survives but thrives. We will achieve this via creating tier-one, off-grid, and ecologically and technologically sound solutions that guarantee the best possible life for your family, whilst reducing your carbon footprint (regardless of where you choose to live).

SQ8 solutions are not just for off-grid Queenslanders; we can adapt our products and services to any off-grid environment across Australia! No matter where you are located, SQ8 has the solution you’re seeking.

Read on to learn more about how my family will create the optimal living solution for your family!

Jock Barton

Why SQ8

SQ8 has more than 130 years of commercial experience! For 15 of those years, our focus has been on providing sustainable and ecologically sound solar power to Queenslanders.

SQ8 establishes sleek and innovative designs for the discerning individual who desires a built-to-purpose, off-grid, and continuous energy solution for every situation.

SQ8 designs turn-key, modular, and renewable energy storage solutions using cutting edge technology, all of which boast a 25-year warranty.

SQ8 solutions use new technologies to both minimise cost and reduce our reliance on diesel-based energy solutions, whilst reducing our total carbon footprint.

SQ8 caters for the buyer whose energy choice is guided by a desire to minimise their carbon footprint whilst simultaneously maximising their family’s quality of life.

SQ8 is an end producer, which means we work directly with you, your family, and your localised ecosystem to create solutions that are robust as well as ecologically, technologically, and financially sound.

Book a consultation today! Book a consultation today!

Our Company

SQ8 Solutions is an end-use off-grid, solar-based, solution-focused company. Our vision is to create long-term solutions using the most efficient technology available. Our intention is to ensure that you are provided with built-to-purpose, continuous energy solutions for your business, home, and life situation.

At our core, we value continuous innovation and upgrades. The built-to-purpose solutions we create for you and your family have been aligned to conscious living decisions to create a positive impact on the quality of life of Australians for generations to come.


Jock and the team at SQ8 Solutions. are friendly, efficient and it was obvious they are skilled at what they do. The team have also been easy to deal with, ensuring all my questions were answered. Jock is definitely one of the most friendliest and experienced Solar Installers we called. I Definitely recommend SQ8 Solutions.
Nathan Morieson Client
We moved a house from Brisbane to our peaceful rural block and decided to go off grid as Ergon wanted a huge sum to connect the power. Of all the trades involved to move the house, stump it, redo the roof, the plumbing, the electrical work, carpentry; the only people who supplied what they said they would supply and do what they said they would do was Jock and his team. Thanks to him we have power like being connected in Brisbane.
Johnson Shift Client
Jock and SQ8 Solutions provided a first class and highly professional service from start to finish. Jock came to see us, he listened to our needs and then designed a system that was cost effective and exactly what we needed. We were very happy because Jock and SQ8 Solutions proved by their actions that they do what they promise.
John Sage Client

SQ8 the obvious choice…The synergy of critical thinking and advanced off grid-solar technology--A legacy for generations to come!

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off grid design is more important than ever. With access to real-time data, continuous innovation and motivation to not only solve your problems, but to contribute to a carbon neutral world underpins how SQ8 is the company you are looking for.

Our company

SQ8 is the obvious choice due to its synergy of critical thinking and advanced off-grid solar technology.

In a world of ever-changing climatic conditions, environmentally sustainable off-grid design is more important than ever. SQ8 creates market-leading solutions via our access to real-time data, continuous innovation, plus our commitment to engineering carbon neutral world, which is why we are the obvious service provider for yours and family’s energy needs.

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